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GT40 Goodwood

GT40 – Pushing Ford’s supercar to the limit – Goodwood

Alex Buncombe’s squeezes every last drop of potential from the GT40 whilst on the hunt. He records the fastest lap at the Goodwood Revival in the process.

Nico Rosberg vs Keke Rosberg

Nico Rosberg vs Keke Rosberg – Ice rally duel – Video

This is what we imagine a Rosberg family holiday looks like. Keke and Nico Rosberg face off on a frozen lake in a makeshift rally time-trial. Awesome.

Rosberg 1983 Monaco - Felipe Nasr FW08C story

Felipe Nasr samples Rosberg’s 1983 FW08C – Video

In 1983 Keke Rosberg drove the Williams FW08C to a fantastic victory at the Monaco Grand Prix. Today, current Williams Martini Racing driver Felipe Nasr slides behind the wheel.

Ford RS Rally Escort

Ford RS – A wild history – Documentary

Sit back and enjoy this full length documentary investigating the captivating story of Ford Rallye Sport, best known as Ford RS.

Honda F1 engines

Honda F1 engines of the past – FW11 unleashed

Soak up the glorious sound of 1980s turbocharged Formula One as Honda engineers fire up Nigel Mansell’s old FW11 and take it for a blast. The Honda F1 V6TT engine was capable of over 1000hp.

Emerson Fittipaldi with Colin Chapman in 1971

Emerson Fittipaldi – Father of Brazilian Motorsport

40 years ago Emerson Fittipaldi delivered McLaren their first ever Formula One World Championship. This light-hearted yet hard hitting official video looks back at his amazing career.

Tyrrell 006 / 2

Tyrrell 006 / 2 -1973 – Widescreen Gallery

It has been 60 years since the living legend we know as Sir Jackie Stewart entered the cockpit of a single-seater for the first time at Goodwood. Let’s take a look at one of the …

McLaren M1B

McLaren M1B – Goodwood Revival – Video

This atmospheric video takes us along for the ride as McLaren Chief Test Driver Chris Goodwin races his own ’66 McLaren M1B at Goodwood. What a machine.