Patrick Tambay 1973 Monte Carlo Rally

Patrick Tambay: 1973 Monte Carlo Rally

The 1973 Monte Carlo Rally is remembered for many things – protests, police intervention, blizzards, and a week of long, tortuous stages. However, how many of you knew it was future Formula 1 winner Patrick …


Top Five of 2011: Buying Retro Racers

For Sale: Jaguar XJR-9

Jaguar’s XJR-9 is the car that took it to Porsche at Le Mans and won. The gentlemen at Fiskenshave one for sale, so I’m going to try my luck with the Christmas list.
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Dakar 1987

Video: Dakar flashback – Cyril Neveu vs Hubert Auriol 1987

Two Dakar legends go head to head during the 1987 edition of the worlds toughest race.

Motor Sport Retro

Top Five of 2011: Videos

Video: Colin McRae + MG Metro 6R4 + biggest moment ever = crazy
Watch as Colin McRae has a huge moment and goes backwards down an escape road at 80mph in his MG Metro 6R4 on the …

Phil Read

Top Five of 2011: Moto GP

Legendary Bikes: Barry Sheene’s Suzuki RG500 1976-77

Barry Sheene’s Suzuki 500 holds the record for the fastest motorcycle GP race ever.
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Top Five of 2011: Art and Design

Legonds: Historic Race Cars in Lego

Incredible creativity, workmanship and design abound in all of them, from the simple but unmistakable W196 to the ridiculous detail of the Jaguar. Amazing work!
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Porsche 917

Video: The history of the Porsche 917/021

This stunning video tracks the history of the Porsche 917, chassis number 021.


Top Five of 2011: Rally

Henri Toivonen: Racing driver!

People often say that rally drivers are the most talented in the sport, and very few have succeeded at both levels: You are either a rally driver or a road racer.
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Top Five of 2011: Photo Galleries

Best of the MSR Facebook: Classic Formula One Engine Photos

This post, then, is in honour of our Facebook fans, and their collection of beautiful cars and motorsport moments. Enjoy this gallery of some of our favourite Formula …

purley helmet

David Purley: Fearless

David Purley is a hero. Some would say an unsung one, but just a quick look at his life, and it will take you less than two minutes to realize this guy was like no …

scheckter 1979

Video Series: Car Wars – Formula 1 season 1979

A year after Colin Chapman began using ground effects to glue his Lotus 79s to the ground Formula One was a very different beast.


Video: Jackie Stewart drives the March Judd 881 and declares it “very strange”

“Too uncomfortable and too cramped” was Jackie Stewart‘s summary of the Adrian Newey designed March Judd 881. Jackie was also less the complimentary about the entire concept.