People, places, motorbike races – 20 questions with Jim Scaysbrook

Old Bike magazine editor Jim Scaysbrook’s new book is pretty special, and here’s why.

Porsche 935

Video: Living the dream – Driving the Porsche 935

Gordon Robertson, Porsche’s Chief Driving Consultant, gets behind the wheel of this iconic car and finds out how 760 bhp on full-boost feels on the track.

Le Mans 1971

Video: The race of records – Porsche at Le Mans 1971

Many records were set and broken during the running of the 1971 24 hour of Le Mans

Martini Lancia Delta s4

Video: What do the Martini Stripes mean to you?

Martini turned 150 this year, and they’ve released this video as a sneak-peak at how they celebrated.

group b sideways-action

Video: The sound of Group B Rally

A tribute to the sights and sound of the Group B rally cars. Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

F1 evolution

Animation: The evolution of Formula 1

This beautiful video was run before the final round of the 2013 Formula 1 World Championship on Brazilian TV.

vintage Racing

Video: The joy of Vintage Racing

Likening vintage racing to an addiction, Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA) members Ken Blasko and Jeff Ireland have come to know the excitement, feelings, and adrenaline that comes with racing a vintage car.

Ford Escort mk2

Video: How to treat a Mk2 Ford Escort

See a Mk 2 Ford Escort being driven at full noise in the Irish Hillclimb championship by Simon McKinley.