Katsuhiro Ueo AE86 in car

Video: Retro drift – the craziest use of weight shift you’ll ever see

Shot sometime around the last turn of the century, this piece of retro-Japanese video goodness showcases some of the most extreme steering hand work we’ve ever come across. Enjoy!

Nigel Mansell 1993 Ford Mondeo

Video: Nigel Mansell knocks himself out

Nigel Mansell must have been feeling pretty good by the end of October 1993 – he’d just become Indycar champion for the first time. The month wasn’t to end as well as it started …

Renault 5 Lepence rallye

Gallery: Hungarian rally madness 1975-84

We recently stumbled across a gold mine of photographs taken during what looks to have been various Hungarian rally and road-race events during the 1970s and 80s. In the air, in the dirt, in the …


Magnificent Muscle! Pete Geoghegan’s HJ Monaro Sports Sedan

Image: www.autopics.com.au
The best ideas are usually the simplest. Take, for example, Laurie O’Neil’s idea for John Sheppard in the early ‘70s: to build the best sport sedan in Australia.

Le Mans 1966

Photo of the day: The Le Mans start, 1966

The start of the 1966 Le Mans, Porsche 906 (#34),  Matra M620 (#43) and a glorious Ferrari 275 GTB (#26). None of the three were to finish the event, would be dominated by the Ford …


Photo Gallery: Remembering Maria de Villota

Motorsport Retro has been deeply saddened this week with news of Maria de Villota’s untimely passing. By all accounts she was not only a great driver and avid supporter of motorsports, but a genuinely nice …

Lambretta Record Racer

Gallery: The Lambretta Record

Can you imagine the kind of courage it took to climb into this tiny metal cabin and travel at over 124mph (200km/h)? Enjoy this photo gallery of the Lambretta Record Racer, from 1951.

baja social club

Film Trailer: Baja Social Club

There are few things more inspiring than seeing stories that uncover the passion of motorsport told in a way that all can see. An upcoming film by the name of ‘The Baja Social Club’ is …