Toyota 2000 GT

Photo of the day: Toyota 2000GT

Japanese promise

Montoya Indy 2000

One off winners: Juan Pablo Montoya – 2000 Indy 500

It seems absurd to call Juan Pablo Montoya a one off winner, but that’s what he is. Indy 500 starts, one. Indy 500 wins, one. Dominant? Absolutely. It earned him a place or two in …

Indy Museum12

Indy 500: Steeped in history

As the tension grows towards the running of the 2012 Indianapolis 500, it is time to take a trip down ‘Memory Victory Lane’.  What better place to start than the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of …

Martini Girls4

Photo Gallery: Martini Girls

Enjoy this photo gallery of Martini Grid Girls taken at Monza in 2006.


Photo Gallery: Best of Brad Fox

A veteran of broadcast television and advertising, with a background in visual art and illustration, Brad Fox has turned his considerable creative talents to his love of motorsport and desire to capture the essence of …

200mph of Silver Dollars

Video: Tom Sneva breaks 200mph at Indy

A little over 65 years from the Indy 500′s inception and just fifteen years after Parnelli Jones broke the 150 mile per hour barrier, Tom Sneva became the first driver to nail its four ferocious corners fast …

Donington Historic 201210

Photos: Donington Historic Festival 2012

The thousands of visitors who turned out for the 2012 Donington Historic Festival on 5th and 6th May were treated to a spectacular display of racing action, off-track entertainments and even an unexpected day of …

Brock VK Group C Commodore

Retro Motorsport Art: Stuart Row

Our never-ending search for excellent retro car art has most recently turned up Australian photographer Stuart Row and his unique Photoshop-manipulated vehicle portraits.

Carroll Shelby

Tribute to Carroll Shelby

Ernie Nagamatsu’s moving tribute to a wonderful friend; Carroll Shelby.

Lola T70

Breaking News: Lola Cars and Lola Composites to appoint an Administrator

We just received news that due to serious cashflow issues, Lola Cars International Limited and Lola Composites Limited are seeking an administrator. We are unsure at this stage if it will impact  the Lola Heritage …

1953 Timossi-Ferrari 'Arno XI' Racing Hydroplane

Video: 1953 Timossi-Ferrari ‘Arno XI’ Racing Hydroplane

“Unique, instantly recognisable, achingly beautiful and immensely historic.”
This one of a kind 1953 Timossi-Ferrari ‘Arno XI’ Racing Hydroplane went for a healthy €868.000/US$1,124,060 in RM Auctions’ Monaco sale, held over the weekend in Monaco.