Ferrari 308 GTB – Onboard

Sit back and let the raw sounds of a mid-mounted V8 assault your ears as this Ferrari 308 GTB screams around Circuit de Bresse.

Mclaren M8F – CanAm Onboard at Laguna Seca

Eight liters of Chevrolet muscle thunder around Laguna Seca as former IMSA GTP driver pushes this 1972 McLaren M8F to the limit.

The breathtaking Lotus 21 – Widescreen Gallery

A Lotus 21 in British Racing Green. There’s not much in motor racing that is as iconic from the 1960s era of Formula 1.

Slow Motion Speed – Goodwood

Formula 1, Le Mans and high end sportscars are all meant to be as fast as possible. Funny thing is, they look spectacular in slow motion.

1985 ETCC battle

Rover 3500 SD1: British V8 muscle on the Mountain

Tom Walkinshaw Racing dominated the Group A ‘preview’ class in the 1984 Bathurst 1000 with V8 Rover SD1s, proving the British sedan’s tin-top racing muscle.
So what happened to its presence in the Australian Touring Car …

Ayrton Senna in a Porsche – 1984 – Photo of the Day

When the name Ayrton Senna is mentioned people will forever think of Formula 1, however F1 was not the only form of racing the Brazilian legend engaged in.

1967 Porsche 911S – Onboard at Laguna Seca (video)

A stunning 1967 Porsche 911S, a Porsche factory driver, a field of classics and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Rewind: The first-ever NASCAR race held outside North America

Images thanks to The Coventry Collection
Marcos Ambrose’s time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series over recent years has helped open the eyes of the North American racing world to the talent of Australians in big …