murray walker

Murray Walker – The story behind the voice of F1

“It wasn’t work” exclaims Murray Walker, whilst telling the tale of his extraordinary life.

Porsche 911

Photo of the day: Porsche 911

My, that’s a big wing¬† you’ve got there…

F1 Drawings - Senna

Pencil Art Heroes – Amazing F1 Drawings

The talent some people possess is truly astounding. These are the best F1 drawings we’ve ever seen.

Michael Schumacher Benetton

Video: Blasting around highlands in the Michael Schumacher Benetton

Let’s go for a full-tap blast in the first car the most dominant F1 driver of all time scored points in – the 1991 Michael Schumacher Benetton.

Linda Vaughn

Linda Vaughn – The best of “Miss Hurst Golden Shifter”

What ever you are doing right now, it can’t be as good as 60 photographs of Linda Vaughn in her element.

Rally Finland

Rally Finland – Flying High

Rally Finland is on this weekend, and that means one thing above all others – jumps! Let’s get in the mood.

Civic $1000 Bathurst Legend

Honda Civic: The $1000 Bathurst Racer

Image thanks to the Shannons Club,
In 1974 Sports Car World asserted that you could take your showroom Honda Civic, spend just $1000 on race-preparing it and head to Bathurst to compete on equal terms with …

Silverstone Classic

Six must-see videos from the Silverstone Classic

The Silverstone Classic is the biggest historic motorsport event in the world. Chances are you missed it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it now!