Isle of Man – Flat out in a WRX STi

Even in a modern car such as the WRX STi with current safety measures, the Isle of Man TT is terrifying. Here’s proof.

Nigel Mansell England 1991

Nigel Mansell – Most memorable Formula 1 moments

There are few Formula 1 greats who have polarised opinion like Nigel Mansell.

Dario Franchitti Lotus Ford

Dario Franchitti drives Jim Clark Lotus-Ford at Indy

Three time Indy 500 Champion Dario Franchitti slips behind the wheel of his hero’s champion Lotus-Ford 38/1.

Lotus Exige S

Lotus Exige S – On Track with a Chassis from the Gods

Professional driver of cars and talker of words Chris Harris thinks the new Exige S may be the best Lotus ever, and we think he may be right!

GT40 T-Shirt

MSR Shop T-Shirt of the Week: LM GT40

Image: the Motorsport Retro Store
The best things in life are simple. This t-shirt gets it right, focusing on the sleek, powerful and gorgeous profile of Ford’s epic GT40, and not letting anything superfluous get in …

Silverstone Classic 2014

Silverstone Classic 2014 – Formula 1 Parade

They may not be racing in anger. But have you ever seen such a beautiful field of Formula 1 racing machines on the track at once? This is the Silverstone Classic 2014.

1980 BMW M1 AHG Studie

BMW M1 of a Kind: 1980 BMW M1 AHG Studie

Images courtesy RM Auctions
One of just ten cars built by¬†German BMW dealer AHG, this ’80 BMW M1 is a stunning example of the most exotic road car BMW ever built.

Dick Johnson Racing Ford

Dick Johnson – Another awesome retro livery

Dick Johnson’s awesome throwback liveries are right up our alley. This one is a cracker.