Video: Lewis Hamilton has a drive of Ayrton Senna’s MP4/4

…and admits he doesn’t know how the heroes of the 1980s did it!


Video: Onboard in a crowd – Maserati Tipo 151

Watch as 1961 F1 Champion Phil Hill’s son Derek hustles behind the wheel of a real-deal Tipo 151.

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Video: Inspiring Formula 1 video borrows from upcoming Sci-Fi hit

This unlikely combination works incredibly well.


Video: Classic TT racing in Belgium

This fantastic production celebrates the coming together of collectors, riders and enthusiasts at the Belgian Classic TT of 2012.


Video: Renault F1 Turbo dances sideways through Detroit (1983)

A wet street circuit and an 80s turbocharged F1 machine call for fast hands. Ride on board with Eddie Cheever driving the Renault Turbo RS40 as he tip toes around Detroit.


Gallery: The glory of turbocharged F1 machinery

This is what the inner workings of dreams looked like in the 1980s

Australia's fastest VW Fastback

Australia’s fastest VW Fastback: Thommo’s ground-breaking V8 Sports Sedan

Image www.autopics.com.au, via the Shannons Club
The story of a Type III Volkswagen which took it to the fastest sports sedans in Australia and fought its way to the very top.


10 awesome turbocharged F1 cars

To celebrate the commencement of testing for the new 2014 F1 machines, we’re declaring this week “Turbo Week”, and will be celebrating with a whole bunch of high-boost inspired posts, just like this…