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Video: Alan Jones and the Maybach: Celebrating Albert Park’s 60th

Submitted by on January 25, 2013


When the 2013 Formula One World Championship kicks off at Albert Park in Melbourne in March of this year, we’ll be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, held in 1953.

The 1953 race was a Formula Libre event and was contested over 64 laps of the public roads which made up the Albert Park circuit. Doug Whiteford won the race in a Talbot-Lago T26C by formidable five laps. Stan Jones, father of 1980 Formula One World Champion Alan Jones, took part in the race, setting the fastest lap in his mighty Maybach Special Mk. 1 before retiring with mechanical gremlins.

This video celebrates the anniversary and the history of the circuit, with Alan Jones driving his dad’s Maybach around some of the original circuit and reflecting on a great Formula One event.

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