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Crashes in racing through the years (video)

Submitted by on October 8, 2014

crashes in racingFive minutes of metal-crunching carnage.

Crashes in racing are a part of motorsport. Here at Motorsport Retro we’re not in the business of celebrating anybody getting hurt, however being motorsport participants ourselves, we’re well aware of the fact that without the risk – racing wouldn’t be even close to the level of fun it is. The adrenaline rush of high speed, the thrill of the overtake and the pounding of your heart when you’re hard on the brakes, it’s the risk element in racing that makes it so exciting to watch and take part in.

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This video demonstrates what happens when things go wrong! Thoughts are with all in these videos – we hope that speedy recoveries took place all ’round.

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Crashes in Racing – the video.

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