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A Formula 1 Driving Lesson: “Your Eyes are the Last Reference Point”

Submitted by on October 8, 2014

Formula 1 Driving Lesson Martin Brundle

This Formula 1 driving lesson from Martin Brundle in a works Ferrari Formula 1 car is six minutes of insane jealousy and fun. It even gets a little bit emotional!

“Your eyes are the last reference point. If you react to when your eyes sense that you’re going sideways, it’s probably too late.” – Martin Brundle

It took some three and a half decades to do it, amassing an impressive racing and commentary career in the interim, but Martin Brundle’s finally hopping into a works Ferrari Formula 1 car to take it for a spin. And we’re along for the ride.

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Clearly still a fine steerer and not interested in idling about for a few demonstration laps, Brundle gives it heaps and it’s a joy to watch him pushing and managing oversteer around the Fiorano Circuit.

Somehow throughout the experience he manages to speak intelligently and eloquently and give us a little Formula 1 driving lesson! He gives some excellent insight into how the car is to drive and provides a few useful drivng tips for the next time you find yourself strapped into a contemporary-era Formula 1 car.

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And for the keen-eyed classic motorsport fan the video features some nice cuts to classic Ferrari footage which give a sense of the history of the marque and of Fiorano itself.

“Such a privilege, such a pleasure to have this opportunity to sit in and amongst a chassis painted in the scarlet red.”

It was also interesting and illuminating to see how moved Brundle was when he had to peel himself out of the car.

This is a man with 158 Formula 1 starts under his belt, a first-place trophy from the 24 Hours of Le Mans on the mantlepiece and who has spent the last few years testing history’s great Formula 1 cars. And he seemed moved nearly to the point of tears when the experience was over.

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It really demonstrates that a passion for motorsport encompasses a great respect for the sport’s history, and of the people and machines who have made it what it is today. And in this particular case, probably true for many, the mystique of Ferrari and that symbolic scarlet red livery.

And clearly how nice that thing was to drive!

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