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Lagonda V12 – Gallery

Submitted by on February 17, 2015

Lagonda V12The sublime Lagonda V12 was a beautiful 1950s racer with a terrible flaw. Today, it’s picture perfect throwback to a glorious era. This crisp set of photos comes courtesy of Goodwood Road and Race. It captures the unique Lagonda V12, a car designed in the 1950s to beat Ferrari, Maserati and Jaguar. do.php8Creator David Brown was the owner of Aston Martin, and he was confident that his Lagonda had what it took.do.php4Unfortunately, as history has seen many times before – the never ending quest for lightness would be the undoing of the Lagonda V12 race car. do.php9The aluminium block suffered massive oil pressure and leakage issues, costing it the kind of reliability a car needs to become a champion. do.php6Still, the car raced at Le Mans in both 1954 and 1955 – the latter being as a development. A crash took it out of the first race and a lack of fuel the second. do.php10Would the engine have lasted had neither incident occured? We will never know. do.php2What we do know for certain however is that the Lagonda V12 has never looked better. Completely refinished and beautifully authentic, it is perfectly presented. do.php5We hope you enjoyed pawing over the timeless shape as much as we did. The Lagonda is a stunning, unique machine.do.php7 While you’re here, take a look at what’s on offer through our newly released premium content delivery service, Motorsport Retro Premium;


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