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Watch Daniel Ricciardo take on the Targa Florio – video

Submitted by on February 17, 2015


Is there a cooler athlete on the planet right now than Dan Ricciardo?

In this mega clip Dan Ricciardo is driving the Alfa Romeo T33 that Red Bulls Helmut Marko drove in the 1972 Targa Florio.

Dan loved the big red beast and its lack of driver “aids”. No paddle shift gear changes here, just a clutch pedal and an H-gate. “I’ve only ever used that type of gear shift in Formula Ford,” Ricciardo says, “and I wasn’t all that good at it.”

The Alfa T33 weighs less than 700kg, while generating more than 400bhp and has a chassis that was state-of-the-art in its day. “It does what you expect it to: it’s a proper racing car!”

“I must ask my dad why my grandparents left Sicily,” He pauses to think. “Even if there wasn’t a donkey on the course this time, I now know one thing: I want an historic racing car.”​


ricciardo-classic-alfa-romeo-sicily (3)

ricciardo-classic-alfa-romeo-sicily (1)

ricciardo-classic-alfa-romeo-sicily (2)

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