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Jackie Stewart 1969

Photo of the day: Team work with Jackie Stewart

Winning races is never a one-man show, even with Jackie Stewart behind the wheel.

Renault 5 Lepence rallye

Gallery: Hungarian rally madness 1975-84

We recently stumbled across a gold mine of photographs taken during what looks to have been various Hungarian rally and road-race events during the 1970s and 80s. In the air, in the dirt, in the …

Photo Gallery: Remembering Maria de Villota

Motorsport Retro has been deeply saddened this week with news of Maria de Villota’s untimely passing. By all accounts she was not only a great driver and avid supporter of motorsports, but a genuinely nice …

James Hunt Monaco 1975

Video: On the Hunt – Monaco 1975

When a moment between James Hunt and Patrick┬áDepailler resulted in an accident at the 1975 Monaco GP, Hunt saw red and in the heat of the moment after skidding into the barrier, decided to hang …

Formula 1 Hitchhiking

Six reasons why Webber hitchhiking at Singapore wasn’t a big deal.

We’re a little unsettled by the news that Mark Webber has been penalised for hitching a ride with Fernando Alonso at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix on the weekend. We can’t help but see …

Ferrari 312 F1-67

The 10 most beautiful Ferrari Formula 1 racers

There’s something special about each car Ferrari builds for Formula 1 – some have penned the history books, others have proved disappointing, and of course many have been champions. Ferrari has been involved with Formula …

Rindt - 1969

Rindt to Chapman: “I can only drive a car in which I have some confidence”

The eerie scan below is a letter written by Jochen Rindt in 1969, the first year in which he drove for Team Lotus. At the time of writing Rindt was still recovering from his terrible …

monza 1969

Video: 1969 Italian GP – The closest F1 finish ever?

Monza has played witness to some of the most terrific finishes in Formula 1 history; alongside that of 1967, 1970 and of course, the 1971 which we ran in our Monza Moments piece last week, …